About Us

Indie Central Records is a Dallas-Fort Worth area independent label committed to empowering Independent Artists.  Our strategic partnerships and alliances allow us to offer Distribution, Publishing, Artist Management and Development, Marketing, and Promotion services to the artists and label partners we work with.  Our artists and label partners benefit from our experience, versatility, and inimitable commitment to quality and service.



We are continuously working to expand our market reach.  In addition to our direct partnerships with the leading digital aggregators and streaming services, we also have major label distribution agreements with Sony and Universal.  Our goal is to maximize exposure to reach new consumers and develop new fan bases.




Empowering the Creative

We have partnered with Kaviar Talent Management to provide tailored artists experiences for the creatives we work with.  KTM is a full service, New York based talent management agency. KTMs staff consists of agents with areas of expertise in general management, booking, negotiation, marketing and promotion and business. This group of well rounded individuals are former creatives and have a deep understanding of the creative process and our clients’ need to be creative.